(A psalm by David for the music leader.) Thanking the LORD for Victory 21 1Our LORD, your mighty power makes the king glad, and he celebrates victories that you have given him. 2You did what he wanted most and never told him “No.” 3You truly blessed the king, and you placed on him a crown of finest gold. 4He asked to live a long time, and you promised him life that never ends.   5The king is highly honored. You have let him win victories that have made him famous. 6You have given him blessings that will last forever, and you have made him glad by being so near to him. 7LORD Most High, the king trusts you, and your kindness keeps him from defeat.   8With your mighty arm, LORD, you will strike down all of your hateful enemies. 9They will be destroyed by fire once you are here, and because of your anger, flames will swallow them. 10You will wipe their families from the earth, and they will disappear. 11All their plans to harm you will come to nothing. 12You will make them run away by shooting your arrows at their faces.   13Show your strength, LORD, so that we may sing and praise your power.
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