A Nation Asks for Forgiveness 106 1We will celebrate and praise you, LORD! You are good to us, and your love never fails. 2No one can praise you enough for all the mighty things you have done. 3You bless those people who are honest and fair in everything they do.   4Remember me, LORD, when you show kindness by saving your people. 5Let me prosper with the rest of your chosen ones, as they celebrate with pride because they belong to you.   6We and our ancestors have sinned terribly. 7 When they were in Egypt, they paid no attention to your marvelous deeds or your wonderful love. And they turned against you at the Red Sea.[P]   8But you were true to your name, and you rescued them to prove how mighty you are. 9 You said to the Red Sea,[Q] “Dry up!” Then you led your people across on land as dry as a desert. 10You saved all of them 11and drowned every one of their enemies. 12 Then your people trusted you and sang your praises.   13But they soon forgot what you had done and rejected your advice. 14 They became greedy for food and tested you there in the desert. 15So you gave them what they wanted, but later you destroyed them with a horrible disease.   16 Everyone in camp was jealous of Moses and of Aaron, your chosen priest. 17Dathan and Abiram rebelled, and the earth opened up and swallowed them. 18Then fire broke out and destroyed all of their followers.   19 At Horeb your people made and worshiped the statue 20of a bull, instead of you, their glorious God. 21You worked powerful miracles to save them from Egypt, but they forgot about you 22and the fearsome things you did at the Red Sea.[R] 23You were angry and started to destroy them, but Moses, your chosen leader, begged you not to do it.   24 They would not trust you, LORD, and they did not like the promised land. 25They would not obey you, and they grumbled in their tents. 26So you threatened them by saying, “I'll kill you out here in the desert! 27 I'll scatter your children everywhere in the world.”   28 Your people became followers of a god named Baal Peor, and they ate sacrifices offered to the dead.[S] 29They did such terrible things that you punished them with a deadly disease. 30But Phinehas[T] helped them, and the sickness stopped. 31Now he will always be highly honored.   32 At Meribah Spring[U] they turned against you and made you furious. 33Then Moses got into trouble for speaking in anger.   34 Our LORD, they disobeyed you by refusing to destroy the nations. 35Instead they were friendly with those foreigners and followed their customs. 36Then they fell into the trap of worshiping idols. 37 They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons 38 and to the gods of Canaan. Then they poured out the blood of these innocent children and made the land filthy. 39By doing such gruesome things, they also became filthy.   40 Finally, LORD, you were angry and terribly disgusted with your people. 41So you put them in the power of nations that hated them. 42They were mistreated and abused by their enemies, 43but you saved them time after time. They were determined to rebel, and their sins caused their downfall.   44You answered their prayers when they were in trouble. 45You kept your agreement and were so merciful 46that their enemies had pity on them.   47 Save us, LORD God! Bring us back from among the nations. Let us celebrate and shout in praise of your holy name.   48LORD God of Israel, you deserve to be praised forever and ever. Let everyone say, “Amen! Shout praises to the LORD!”  
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