Wise Friends Make You Wise 13 1Children with good sense accept correction from their parents, but stubborn children ignore it completely. 2You will be well rewarded for saying something kind, but all some people think about is how to be cruel and mean. 3 Keep what you know to yourself, and you will be safe; talk too much, and you are done for. 4No matter how much you want, laziness won't help a bit, but hard work will reward you with more than enough. 5A good person hates deceit, but those who are evil cause shame and disgrace. 6Live right, and you are safe! But sin will destroy you.   7Some who have nothing may pretend to be rich, and some who have everything may pretend to be poor. 8The rich may have to pay a ransom, but the poor don't have that problem. 9The lamp of a good person keeps on shining; the lamp of an evil person soon goes out. 10Too much pride causes trouble. Be sensible and take advice.   11Money wrongly[Y] gained will disappear bit by bit; money earned little by little will grow and grow. 12Not getting what you want can break your heart, but a wish that comes true is a life-giving tree. 13If you reject God's teaching, you will pay the price; if you obey his commands, you will be rewarded.   14Sensible instruction is a life-giving fountain that helps you escape all deadly traps. 15Sound judgment is praised, but people without good sense are on the way to disaster.[Z] 16If you have good sense, you will act sensibly, but fools act like fools. 17Whoever delivers your message can make things better or worse for you.   18All who refuse correction will be poor and disgraced; all who accept correction will be praised. 19It's a good feeling to get what you want, but only a stupid fool hates to turn from evil. 20 Wise friends make you wise, but you hurt yourself by going around with fools. 21You are in for trouble if you sin, but you will be rewarded if you live right. 22If you obey God, you will have something to leave your grandchildren. If you don't obey God, those who live right will get what you leave.   23Even when the land of the poor produces good crops, they get cheated out of what they grow.[A] 24If you love your children, you will correct them; if you don't love them, you won't correct them. 25If you live right, you will have plenty to eat; if you don't live right, you will go away empty.
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