Job's Reply to Bildad How Long Will You Torture Me? 19 1Job said: 2How long will you torture me with your words? 3Isn't ten times enough for you to accuse me? Aren't you ashamed? 4Even if I have sinned, you haven't been harmed. 5You boast of your goodness, claiming I am suffering because I am guilty. 6But God is the one at fault for finding fault with me.   7Though I pray to be rescued from this torment, no whisper of justice answers me. 8God has me trapped with a wall of darkness 9and stripped of respect. 10God rips me apart, uproots my hopes, 11and attacks with fierce anger, as though I were his enemy. 12His entire army advances, then surrounds my tent. I Am Forgotten 13 God has turned relatives and friends against me, 14and I am forgotten. 15My guests and my servants consider me a stranger, 16and when I call my servants, they pay no attention. 17My breath disgusts my wife; everyone in my family turns away. 18Young children can't stand me, and when I come near, they make fun. 19 My best friends and loved ones have turned from me. 20I am skin and bones— just barely alive. 21My friends, I beg you for pity! God has made me his target. 22Hasn't he already done enough? Why do you join the attack?   23I wish that my words could be written down 24or chiseled into rock. 25I know that my Protector[Q] lives, and at the end he will stand on this earth. 26My flesh may be destroyed, yet from this body I will see God.[R] 27Yes, I will see him for myself, and I long for that moment.   28My friends, you think up ways to blame and torment me, saying I brought it on myself. 29But watch out for the judgment, when God will punish you!  
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