Bildad's Second Speech How Long Will You Talk? 18 1Bildad from Shuah[P] said: 2How long will you talk? Be sensible! Let us speak. 3Or do you think that we are dumb animals? 4You cut yourself in anger. Will that shake the earth or even move the rocks?   5 The lamps of sinful people soon are snuffed out, 6leaving their tents dark. 7Their powerful legs become weak, and they stumble on schemes of their own doing. 8Before they know it, 9they are trapped in a net, 10hidden along the path. 11Terror strikes and pursues from every side. 12Starving, they run, only to meet disaster, 13then afterwards to be eaten alive by death itself.   14Those sinners are dragged from the safety of their tents to die a gruesome death. 15Then their tents and possessions are burned to ashes, 16and they are left like trees, dried up from the roots. 17They are gone and forgotten, 18thrown far from the light into a world of darkness, 19without any children to carry on their name. 20Everyone, from east to west, is overwhelmed with horror. 21Such is the fate of sinners and their families who don't know God.  
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