Eliphaz's Second Speech If You Had Any Sense 15 1Eliphaz from Teman[I] said: 2 Job, if you had any sense, 3you would stop spreading all of this hot air. 4Your words are enough to make others turn from God and lead them to doubt. 5And your sinful, scheming mind is the source of all you say. 6I am not here as your judge; your own words are witnesses against you.   7Were you the first human? Are you older than the hills? 8Have you ever been present when God's council[J] meets? Do you alone have wisdom? 9Do you know and understand something we don't? 10We have the benefit of wisdom older than your father. 11And you have been offered comforting words from God. Isn't this enough?   12Your emotions are out of control, making you look fierce; 13that's why you attack God with everything you say. 14 No human is pure and innocent, 15and neither are angels— not in the sight of God. If God doesn't trust his angels, 16what chance do humans have? We are so terribly evil that we thirst for sin. Just Listen to What I Know 17Just listen to what I know, and you will learn 18wisdom known by others since ancient times. 19Those who gained such insights also gained the land, and they were not influenced by foreign teachings. 20But suffering is in store each day for those who sin. 21Even in times of success, they constantly hear the threat of doom. 22Darkness, despair, and death are their destiny. 23They scrounge around for food, all the while dreading the approaching darkness. 24They are overcome with despair, like frightened soldiers facing a fearsome king in battle. 25This is because they rebelled against God All-Powerful 26and have attacked him with their weapons.   27They may be rich and fat, 28but they will live in the ruins of deserted towns. 29Their property and wealth will shrink and disappear. 30They won't escape the darkness, and the blazing breath of God will set their future aflame. 31 They have put their trust in something worthless; now they will become worthless 32like a date palm tree without a leaf.[K] 33Or like vineyards or orchards whose blossoms and unripe fruit drop to the ground. 34Yes, the godless and the greedy will have nothing but flames feasting on their homes, 35because they are the parents of trouble and vicious lies.  
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