Job Complains to God 10 I Am Sick of Life! 1I am sick of life! And from my deep despair, I complain to you, my God. 2Don't just condemn me! Point out my sin. 3Why do you take such delight in destroying those you created and in smiling on sinners? 4Do you look at things the way we humans do? 5Is your life as short as ours? 6Is that why you are so quick to find fault with me? 7 You know I am innocent, but who can defend me against you? 8Will you now destroy someone you created? 9Remember that you molded me like a piece of clay. So don't turn me back into dust once again. 10 As cheese is made from milk, you created my body from a tiny drop. 11Then you tied my bones together with muscles and covered them with flesh and skin. 12You, the source of my life, showered me with kindness and watched over me. You Have Not Explained 13You have not explained all of your mysteries, 14but you catch and punish me each time I sin. 15Guilty or innocent, I am condemned and ashamed because of my troubles. 16No matter how hard I try, you keep hunting me down like a powerful lion.[B] 17You never stop accusing me; you become furious and attack over and over again.   18Why did you let me be born? I would rather have died before birth 19and been carried to the grave without ever breathing. 20I have only a few days left. Why don't you leave me alone?[C] Let me find some relief, 21before I travel to the land 22of darkness and despair, the place of no return.  
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