64 1Rip the heavens apart! Come down, LORD; make the mountains tremble. 2Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil.[N] Then your enemies will know who you are; all nations will tremble because you are nearby.   3Your fearsome deeds have completely amazed us; even the mountains shake when you come down. 4 You are the only God ever seen or heard of who works miracles for his followers.   5You help all who gladly obey and do what you want, but sin makes you angry. Only by your help can we ever be saved.[O] 6We are unfit to worship you; each of our good deeds is merely a filthy rag. We dry up like leaves; our sins are storm winds sweeping us away. 7No one worships in your name or remains faithful. You have turned your back on us and let our sins melt us away.[P]   8You, LORD, are our Father. We are nothing but clay, but you are the potter who molded us. 9Don't be so furious or keep our sins in your thoughts forever! Remember that all of us are your people. 10Every one of your towns has turned into a desert, especially Jerusalem. 11Zion's glorious and holy temple where our ancestors praised you has been destroyed by fire. Our beautiful buildings are now a pile of ruins. 12When you see these things, how can you just sit there and make us suffer more?
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