Peace That Lasts Forever 2 1This is the message[H] I was given about Judah and Jerusalem:   2In the future, the mountain with the LORD's temple will be the highest of all. It will reach above the hills; every nation will rush to it. 3Many people will come and say, “Let's go to the mountain of the LORD God of Jacob and worship in his temple.”   The LORD will teach us his Law from Jerusalem, and we will obey him. 4 He will settle arguments between nations. They will pound their swords and their spears into rakes and shovels; they will never make war or attack one another. 5People of Israel, let's live by the light of the LORD. Following Sinful Customs 6Our LORD, you have deserted your people, Israel, because they follow customs of nations from the east. They worship Philistine gods and are close friends of foreigners.[I] 7They have endless treasures of silver and gold; they have countless horses and war chariots. 8Everywhere in the country they worship the idols they have made. 9And so, all of them will be ashamed and disgraced. Don't forgive them! A Day of Judgment 10 Every one of you, go hide among the rocks and in the ground, because the LORD is fearsome, marvelous, and glorious. 11When the LORD comes, everyone who is proud will be made humble, and the LORD alone will be honored. 12The LORD All-Powerful has chosen a day when those who are proud and conceited will be put down.   13The tall and towering cedars of Lebanon will be destroyed. So will the oak trees of Bashan, 14all high mountains and hills, 15every strong fortress, 16all the seagoing ships,[J] and every beautiful boat. 17When that day comes, everyone who is proud will be put down. Only the LORD will be honored. 18Idols will be gone for good.   19You had better hide in caves and holes— the LORD will be fearsome, marvelous, and glorious when he comes to terrify people on earth.   20On that day everyone will throw to the moles and bats their idols of silver and gold they made to worship. 21The LORD will be fearsome, marvelous, and glorious when he comes to terrify people on earth— they will hide in caves and in the hills.   22Stop trusting the power of humans. They are all going to die, so how can they help?
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