7 1and to heal its wounds. But then I see the crimes in Israel[N] and Samaria. Everyone is deceitful; robbers roam the streets. 2No one realizes that I have seen their sins surround them like a flood.   3The king and his officials take great pleasure in their sin and deceit. 4Everyone burns with desire— they are like coals in an oven, ready to burst into flames. 5On the day their king was crowned, his officials got him drunk, and he joined in their foolishness.[O]   6Their anger is a fire that smolders all night, then flares up at dawn. 7They are flames destroying their leaders. And their kings are powerless; none of them trust me.   8The people of Israel[P] have mixed with foreigners; they are a thin piece of bread scorched on one side. 9They don't seem to realize how weak and feeble they are; their hair has turned gray, while foreigners rule. 10I am the LORD, their God, but in all of their troubles their pride keeps them from returning to me. No Help from Foreign Nations The LORD said:   11Israel[Q] is a senseless bird, fluttering back and forth between Egypt and Assyria. 12But I will catch them in a net as hunters trap birds; I threatened to punish them, and indeed I will.[R] 13Trouble and destruction will be their reward for rejecting me. I would have rescued them, but they told me lies.   14They don't really pray to me; they just howl in their beds. They have rejected me for Baal and slashed themselves,[S] in the hope that Baal will bless their crops. 15I taught them what they know, and I made them strong. Now they plot against me 16and refuse to obey.[T] They are more useless than a crooked arrow. Their leaders will die in war for saying foolish things. Egyptians will laugh at them.
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