12 1All day long Israel chases wind from the desert; deceit and violence are found everywhere. Treaties are made with Assyria; olive oil is taken to Egypt. Israel and Judah Condemned 2The LORD also brings charges against the people of Judah, the descendants of Jacob. He will punish them for what they have done. 3 Even before Jacob was born, he cheated his brother,[W] and when he grew up, he fought against God.[X]   4 At Bethel, Jacob wrestled with an angel and won; then with tears in his eyes, he asked for a blessing, and God spoke to us[Y] there. 5God's name is the LORD, the LORD God All-Powerful. 6So return to your God. Patiently trust him, and show love and justice.   7Israel, you enjoy cheating and taking advantage of others. 8You say to yourself, “I'm rich! I earned it all on my own, without committing a sin.”[Z] The LORD Is Still the God of Israel 9 Israel, I, the LORD, am still your God, just as I have been since the time you were in Egypt. Now I will force you to live in tents once again, as you did in the desert.[A] 10I spoke to the prophets— often I spoke in visions. And so, I will send my prophets with messages of doom. 11Gilead is terribly sinful and will end up ruined. Bulls are sacrificed in Gilgal on altars made of stones, but those stones will be scattered in every field. 12 Jacob[B] escaped to Syria[C] where he tended sheep to earn himself a wife. 13 I sent the prophet Moses to lead Israel from Egypt and to keep them safe. 14Israel, I will make you pay for your violent crimes and for insulting me.  
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